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Druids of the Beast is a sucessful druid-guild founded in 2005The guild is located on Shadowsong EU - as alliance. We have more than
 200 members and have weekly events, raids and other happenings.
We are the host of most druid-only events, raids and pvp. For both casuals and the average raider. We aim to be world's first clearing new content, as a single-class.
You can find us on Twitter and Facebook - as well as YouTube

The guild was founded in August 2005, on the server Vashj as horde. Since the opening of AQ, till today we have been actively raiding the PVE content, as a single class.
In 2010, the guild was moved to Shadowsong as Alliance. Where shortly after, we continued raiding in ICC.

Over the last many years, Druids of the Beast has been features in various podcasts, articles, magazines etc. Our videos have been watched more than 200.00 times, and our community is growing by the day.

We will continue to explore the possibilities for alternative gaming within World of Warcraft, while maintaining our good atmosphere, making friends and overall have a good time!

Future of Druids of the Beast:

As our numbers grow, we aim to get as involved as much our class allows us within PVP.
We are also building a progression team, for faster and further progress in new content.
Keep the guild open for everyone who sees appeal in druids and a one-class guild.

Mentions and Awards:

11 page article released and published in the Level - World of Warcraft Magazine in 2008 as: "The Greatest Druid Guild in the World"
BWD video Featured on Blizzard's official FB site 2012
Featured in Wowinsider Article 2012
Official Sponsor and Partnership by Avatars-United 2008
Various Features and Spotlights at WCM

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