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Here you can read a bit about some of our current members.

Name: Monsterbaby
Member since: 2005

"Monsterbaby is Guild Master and founder of Druids of the Beast. In reality Monsterbaby is a CG Artist, with a huge passion for video games. Wacky ideas, weird comments and optimism is what Monster is all about"

Name: Rinike
Member since: 2013

"Rinike is officer of the guild. Rinike is the host and maker of many fun runs, in old as well as new raids. In reality Rinike is spending time mangang a blog and is an active Tweeter. The good mood and passion to help is the backbone of Rinike."

Name: Renferal
Member since: 2013

"Renferal is Jr. Officer of the guild. Renferal migrated servers several times, together with a previous guild before joining Druids of the Beast. Now, Renferal is king of damage and as happy as a fish in the sea."

Name: Lican
Member since: 2010

"Lican is a true mount collector, and will do much to obtain them. Occasionally Lican joins progressive raids as Moonkin and asks for pretty gems for his gear upgrades. In reality Lican has a huge appetite!"

Name: Mörf
Member since: 2012

"Mörf is a one-of-a-kind kitty who used to be a freelance healing tree, until a hedge trimmer incident happened and Mörf went back to being forever feral. The name is common as Mörf have druids spread on several servers, sharing similar name. In real life shapeshift, Mörf is an IT druid."

Name: Hoiler
Member since: 2012

"Hoiler may be a Worgen in game, however in reality Hoiler is the keeper of Worgens. Several massive sized dogs can be found around Hoiler, in the frozen norths. Besides loving dogs, Hoiler is a hobbyist photographer and video game fan!"

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